WHY ME? Men's Conference

Friday, August 7, 2020


Men, with all that we are witnessing this day in time, it's easy to have blurry vision - not seeing quite like we should. With the mainstream media constantly instructing us how we should see things, to the struggles we face every day with our family and jobs, it's no wonder things begin to get a bit hazy. 

Join us for a night of "Spiritual Vision Correction" as we invite Jesus to be our "eye doctor". We're talking 20/20 Vision! It's time to clear our strained eyes and focus on what God has set before us. We beg you to come and be apart of the special night!

While this event is free, we do request everyone to register in order to get an

approximate number for feeding purposes. 

Main Speakers

Ebo Elder

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Ebo is a former, world ranked, professional boxer and has earned three championship belts in his career. Today, he is a hope dealer. He writes books, shares how awesome Jesus is and teaches the Bible. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have four daughters.  

Dr. Benny Tate

Senior Pastor - Rock Springs Church (Milner, GA)

Dr. Benny Tate has served over 20 years as the senior pastor for Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia. Under his leadership the church has grown from 50 in attendance to more than 5000. He is a highly sought-after evangelist and gifted motivational speaker. He is president of the Congregational Methodist Church denomination.

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Friday, August 7

5:00 PM  Doors Open / Supper

6:15 PM  Door Prizes

6:30 PM  Introduction

                   Worship - "The Old Paths"

7:00 PM  Testimonies

7:15 PM   Main Speaker 1 - Ebo Elder

8:00 PM  Main Speaker 2 - Dr. Benny Tate

8:45 PM  Alter Call/Invitation

9:00 PM  Dismiss


WHY ME? Men's Conference


Our Conference is a non-profit ministry. Several years ago we quit charging ticket prices and decided that we didn't want someone not to come based on money. However, we do accept and appreciate donations of any amount.

We will have Conference T-shirts on display and available for purchase on the night of the conference for $10 (cash or checks accepted).


Conference Location

Mountain View Baptist Church

2569 Jeff Davis Road

Thomaston, GA 30286


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