Special Visual Worship Artist

Brian Keith Daniel

Brian uses mixed media artwork which contains an initially abstract canvas that he creates prior to the performance.  Then, using only his hands, he finishes the painting with acrylic paint, resulting in an inspirational transformation of the original canvas into a new image... all done during the performance of a single song.  

Speakers and Break Out Session Presenters

TJ Boyd

Pastor Tj Boyd Senior pastor Change Church. Changed lives changing lives WE ARE CHANGE CHURCH. I remember what it was like to feel empty. I remember what its like to feel aimless, lost and without. I remember the paths I took looking in everything the world had to offer for something, someone, or some feeling to fix how I felt. I was looking in all the wrong places for the right thing. Jesus filled that emptiness and showed me the way. I can't just forget where I've been or what I've done. I can't get over what Jesus has done in my life. So it my goal to share Jesus with all that I can. I can't leave someone else stuck LOOKING! NOT ON MY WATCH.

Ryan Christopher

I am the Associate Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA.  I have been married to my lovely wife, Amy, for twenty -two years.  We have three children.  Prior to ministry,  I attended Georgia Southern and Mercer University in pursuit of an education degree and started a small masonry business.  God called me into full time ministry and I was ordained through a 3-year process at Rock Springs Church in Milner, GA.  I have a Bachelor degree / Master's Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary, a Bachelor Degree from Covington and am currently seeking a Doctorate Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, GA.  The title of my session is "Go Up Higher".  I've heard successful men say "If the job's worth doing, it is worth doing right."  Is it?  Is it worth doing right, or is it easier to go halfway and turn around as though you have accomplished a world championship?  The problem with modern Christianity is the halfway mentality.  As long as it appears to be finished or as long as it appears to be done right - we're good!  Men - God did not call us to haphazard accomplishment.  He did not call us to half-way!  He called us to "Go up Higher!"  I hope that men will be inspired by the personal testimony and incredible biblical story.  I pray they are inspired to never settle for light responsibility but will take on the weight of their calling with full enthusiasm.  Men have many callings - will they answer them?

Chad Minter

Bio: Chad is a full-time firefighter and also a Biblical Counselor.  He is a member at First Baptist Church Lyons and recent graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  One of his particular burdens is over the pandemic issue of sexual sin/pornography use within the church. He aims to pour out the same overwhelming grace to other men that God gave to him, both to those who are struggling or enslaved and also to those who are not but walk alongside others who certainly are struggling.  Over the last three years, he has been counseling and helping men in sexual sin.

Redemption: The Gospel in a Sexually Broken

Larry Buchanan

Subject: Paul



Objective: To have an intimate relationship with Christ.

To follow the example for a right relationship with God.



Shannon Green

I am a deacon at Rock Springs Church in Milner, GA.  I have been married to my lovely wife, B.J. for twenty-five years.  We have two children.  I am currently employed by the Butts County Sheriff Office.   The title of my session is "Being a Man of God in your Home and a Warrior for Christ!"  I hope that this session will challenge men to become Spirit filled leaders of their homes and lives!

Rusty Griffith

I am the Student Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA.    I have been married to my lovely wife, Larson, for one year.  We have 100 children (not biologically, of course).  I have a dual major in Bibical Studies and Preaching from Atlanta Christian College.  The title of my session is "From Herding Sheep to Parting the Red Sea: The Journey of the Shepherd's Staff" and I hope that this session will help men to discover their effectiveness for Christ.

Mark Harris

I am a Pastor at Mount Olive Baptist in Molena, GA.  I have been married to my lovely wife, Chanda, for 18 years.  We have four children.  I have an Masters of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  The title of my session is “The Power of Prayer and Personal Devotion” .  I hope that this session will help fathers to be more comfortable being the Spiritual leader that their wife and children need in their home.

Damien Wright

Topic for the breakout session  Measuring Up - Failure IS an Option

Damien was born and raised in Griffin, GA and has been a part of Griffin Center Point Church his entire life. He served in many different capacities of the ministries through the years which has shaped his knowledge and appreciation of the entire ministry effort of the local church body. He credits his family and those who have paved the way before him with his Christian development along the journey. He holds the Ordained Bishop credential with the Church of God of Cleveland, TN.

He, along with his wife Janyse, has served on staff at Griffin Center Point Church since 2006 as the Worship Pastor, Youth Pastor, and currently as Administrative Pastor. They have two sons, Deven and Gaven, who share in their journey. Damien is a worshipper, teacher and writer. His passion is to share in each of these areas with everyone that which God is showing and speaking to him. He published his first book in 2009, Continuously Created – Listening, Learning, Living, and continues to share “Wrighteous Thoughts” on his blog. His heart’s desire is to fulfill God’s purpose in His life while pouring into others of the local community in any manner God will allow.

“I am a servant of THE King, part of THE church, living THE purpose…in His grace. I am blessed to have the opportunity in serving each week at the very place I was born and raised. My beautiful wife, Janyse, and my two incredible sons, Deven and Gaven, complete my dream in life every day. I deserve nothing, yet because of Jesus, I have everything. I will do whatever He calls me to and go wherever He leads me.” – Damien 

Steve Blackston

Steve is a bi-vocational pastor here at Mountain View.  He is a Civil Engineer for the Federal Government while also being the Children’s Pastor for the past 4 years.  Steve has worked with the children of Mountain View for the past 15 years.  He has been asked to speak at multiple Homeschool conferences across the country due to his blog where he gives advice to men about family issues.  He has been published in different homeschooling publications across North America.  Steve has been married to his wonderful wife for the past 19 years and has 3 children.

Roger Mileham

Roger Mileham is the lead pastor of Trinity Family Worship Center in Hampton Ga for the past 20 years.

He is the author of “ The List, Ingredients for the Marriage of your dreams” and a conference speaker on  How to have a great marriage.

He is a certified Life coach and  teacher of leadership development.

In this breakout session Pastor Mileham combines both leadership development and marriage to teach; How to lead yourself to get your wife to do everything you want her to do. That’s right, it can happen. You just have to know how to work it. Don’t miss this!


Roger  has been married to Dawn for the past 35 years and has two children, Amanda and Dylan and a grandson Evan.

Billy Smith

I am the Pastor of Christ Chapel, Zebulon, Georgia. I have been married to my lovely wife, Tina, for twenty-two years.  We have four children.  I began my career in ministry at the age of 19 at First Assembly of God in Thomaston, GA as Youth Pastor.  After serving five years there I accepted a position as Youth Pastor in Macon, GA at Christ Chapel.   In 2003 I felt God leading me to the small town of Zebulon where my family and I launched Christ Chapel.   Christ Chapel now has a weekend attendance of over 1,300 and has seen amazing growth.  In the past 13 years, the church has witnessed over 600 salvations and over 800 baptisms .  

Jason Weeks

I am a Pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA.  I have been married to my lovely wife, Jennifer, for nineteen years.  We have five children. 

Chet Yates

Associate Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA. I have been married to my lovely wife, Kelli, for fourteen years. We have nine children. 😳 The title of my session is "All In". I pray that this session will challenge men to be the spiritual leaders, husbands and/or fathers that God has called us to be. 

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